Timid Revolutionaries

Staring forewards, stepping back, hidden in the bushes.

Ma Ri Sha
29 September
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Oi, there. I be Ish. Avast. Stop stealing my kippers, and hands off the spotted dick!


Have fun with the journal reading, as long as you're a friendly you will. If you're not, then I guess you're left with the boring non-bitchingness.




1989 chevy cavaliers, a boy named grace, aardvarks, alex's back seat, ancient rome, anime, being in love, being mad at tez, blondes, body heat, bondage, boshin, c-pop, calling everyone bitch, cassandra claire, cheeze-it's, chester, copulation, counting chickens, crack pipes, designer people, exotic male dancers, faith-filled actions, fallatio, female masturbation, freedom, furry things, ganja, gay people, gentle touches, getting crazy as allgetout, getting roughed up, gothica, gsa, h eskimo and hosh, jamar, jamar's hair, karma sutra, kissing people, kissing people back, lain, leather interiors, legolas, lord of the rings, magical fingers, mellow yellow, men with pretty eyes, mischeif, naughty films, nero, nero's hair, odd music, pall malls, perfect circles, polygamy, project offspring, quixotic actions, rabbits, red vs. blue, rough sex, s and m, sabriel, sacrificial slaughter, sarah's car, scrapyard tag, sex in the greenhouse, sexual seconds, sheesha, shiva cava, shrooms, singing in the shower, snogging, squirrels, statiatory rape, stolen articles of clothing, stolen moments of beauty, stolen moments of clarity, stolen moments of confidence, stolen moments of fornication, stolen moments of happiness, tez, the ability to trust, the beauty in everything, the color blue, the special spot, the williams pair, thumper, trusting too easily, unexpected hugging, vin diesel, watching him sleep, watching him watching you